An exclusive tribe of women on an individual and collective journey where you will be guided & challenged to connect deeply to yourself and your tribe.

Our belief is each individual is both teacher and student

No other person has your answers — you have your answers, but sometimes they are buried deep.   Collectively, with a tribe of twelve, we have so much wisdom that can be shared to help one another through the twists and turns of life, encourage one another to walk through the muck to find our answers, our desires and our passions and then applaud one another when we rise.

You will work with the tribe as a whole as well as with a rotating one-on-one partner, using the (B)Ignite curriculum to learn and grow together. The tribe will hold you with gentle accountability, and you will be asked to do the same in return.

Three Months of Profound Connection

You’ve all said your yes, and now the tribe gathers. Through an online “retreat”, we introduce ourselves and our vulnerabilities to one another and get to know the flow of the tribe.  We will connect, laugh, challenge ourselves and establish our bond and trust.

This is followed by three months of gathering and growing together through bi-weekly video calls, partnership curriculum and a one-on-one session. With your tribe at your side, you say farewell to “good enough”, ignite your internal compass and step into your truth.

There is a sacred space in each of us where the truth of who we are resides.  Take the call to adventure and let (B)Tribes help guide you to reconnect with your native wisdom while you help others do the same.

Our approach is both personal and tribe focused

Upcoming Tribes

(B)ignited is forming now with 12 to a tribe and will be starting in the next few weeks.