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 Alumni Testimonials

“It was incredibly pivotal for me, especially at a time in my life when I needed a tribe that could see me through a major transition.”


“I valued seeing inside other people’s lives that are hectic and messy and difficult. And you think, oh, we’re all struggling.”


“Having the tribe makes everything seem doable.”


“I was grateful for everyone’s willingness to be open and hold each other accountable”


“I feel lighter. My heart doesn’t feel as heavy. My past doesn’t have that tight hold of me. It used to be how I defined myself, but it’s not all of me, just a small part.”


“It was hard work! I didn’t want to look at my shadow, but damn I’m glad my tribe pushed me. I’ve finally learned to embrace my full self.”


“I’ve never had such deep relationships with women, or been so seen and so heard”


“I feel like every interaction we are teaching each other something.”


“(B) changed my life. I now know my worth, and my new roadmap aligns with my passions. We accomplished so much in just six months.”


“Our two guides did a beautiful job of holding us and holding us accountable.”


“The fact that we were all re-architecting our lives together was insanely powerful.”


“I have more awareness of how I am in the world and my ability to control myself more than anyone else.  Because really, I can only change me.”


“(B) opened up my world”


“It was life changing. It changed who I am and who I’ll be in the future and how I’ll look at the world.”


“I’m so grateful I gave myself this gift! While it wasn’t an easy check to write, it was well worth the financial stretch.  Honestly, I had never before invested in myself that way.”


“When I learned about the partnerships, I panicked.  What could I possibly have to give? (B) has taught me that we are all wise at our core.  I can stand in my worthiness now.”