Keele Burgin

“It was seven degrees, there was a government shut down, I was with eleven women I didn’t know and we had just signed a waiver stating that we were going to climb the Grand Canyon at our own risk. I looked at Bronwyn who was helping another woman put ice clamps on for the first time. She was leading us and she looked calm, I was counting on her.

‘What am I doing here?’ I thought to myself as I pretended to know how to put my clamps on and borrowed some of Bronwyn’s demeanor. I was there as part of my self-induced re-architecting of my life. What a journey those four days turned out to be. Not only did I push my physical body to the edge, challenge my mental stamina, energetically leave my dead marriage at the bottom of the Canyon and bond with some kick-ass women, I also found my business partner. Bronwyn’s quiet, undeniable power was palpable. I was already on my re-inventing path and planning my new business around bringing tribes of women together, but when Bronwyn and I had lunch after our Grand Canyon experience the plan came to life in spectacular form. When something is meant to happen it is amazing to watch the flow. We sat at lunch that day and it all clicked, her ideas gelled with mine, we expanded our collective vision and the (B) Tribes were born. #couldntbemoregrateful.”

Bronwyn Morrissey

“I was at a crossroads after losing my job unexpectedly. I could jump back into a life and career of default or I could reinvent myself and follow my dream to empower other women. I took the less certain route and started my journey to follow my passion, leaving behind safety and taking a deep dive out of my comfort zone. I began leading women’s mastermind groups, executive coaching and guiding women’s empowerment trips in the Grand Canyon… where I met Keele and we had an instant connection.

Months after our trip we sat across from each other at lunch sharing our ideas of what we wanted to create next in our lives. In that conversation, it became clear that we had the same desire to serve women on the path we had both traveled in reinventing ourselves. The idea expanded broader and deeper and we bonded together and collectively brought (B)Tribes into the world.”