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Meditation gives me the gift of pause.  It allows me to close my eyes and go inward, rummage around in the cobwebs and rollercoasters and know myself.  

May these meditations resonate with you and draw you deeper into your self.  Take some time for yourself, get in a comfy spot and listen deeply.  After, please reach out and share your experience with me.

If you’re part of the Insight Timer family, we’re honored to say these meditations are available there as well.  If they resonated with you, it would help us spread the word if you would listen, rate and review them.


Build Your Inner Sanctuary Meditation

by Keele Burgin | 11 minutes

Everyone needs & deserves a soft spot to land in the world.   Lean in and create a safe and sacred refuge for yourself, a place where you can go in a breath to find the peace and divine touch you crave in your day.  “Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” — Rumi

Mornings are a perfect opportunity to start anew with gratitude, intention and kindness.  This meditation is for you to ground, imagine and set the tone you want to bring to the world today.  Give yourself the gift of pausing before you  jump into your day, taking a few deep breaths and allowing what you want for today to float to the surface.

Be Where Your Hands Are

by Keele Burgin | 6 minutes

We sometimes need a reminder to be in the present moment.  This short meditation is your ‘now’ boost, allowing peace and acceptance and a respite from the busy world around us.  This meditation is based on a poem I wrote years ago that continues to be a go-to for me.


be where your hands are


let the world not take notice

for once you are without the noise


let the tenderness of what you know

float to the surface


you can do anything

now go


it paralyzes me

and gives me purpose