This is a Course Correction Curriculum built for professional advancement, leadership and radical re-invention of who you are meant to (B) in life.

An exclusive tribe of women on an individual and collective journey where you will be guided by Bronwyn and Keele to reinvent and architect the life you are meant to live.

With the wisdom you have accrued, the intuition that resides inside and (B)’s unique approach, you will be transformed and help your tribe to do the same.


Our belief is each individual is both teacher and student.

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The experience goes deeper than coaching, you will create a clear vision to encapsulate your professional and personal goals and materialize a formidable change. You will be on a personal journey, fully supported by a group of women you trust explicitly, to identify, define and relinquish the patterns of behavior that hold you back, replacing them with behaviors that align with your native wisdom.

The journey begins with focused individual sessions with Keele and Bronwyn to determine your individual curriculum goals and a plan of execution.  Then…

The tribe gathers. It begins with a four day, nurturing (& sometimes challenging) ocean retreat where we introduce ourselves and our vulnerabilities to one another and get to know the flow of the tribe.

This is followed by seven months of gathering and growing together through bi-monthly tribe calls and weekly coaching sessions.  These will include mentorship affiliations, first-hand leadership challenges, powerful and lasting curriculum interludes of vulnerability and time to meander in your own stillness.

Our coaching is an “in the moment” process and not a cookie-cutter formula. It has the potential to turn information into transformation: Your transformation into being a more powerful you

The tribe comes together in person again and defines our next steps with a 4-day closing celebration retreat of the tribes choosing.

There is a sacred space in each of us where the truth of who we are resides. We will help guide you there to reconnect with your native wisdom and shed old patterns that no longer serve you.  Fully supported by like-minded women you will step into the woman you are meant to (B).


Our approach is both personal and group focused in the following areas:

  • Awareness, ownership, and commitment to changing the patterns that don’t serve. (And being accountable every step of the way to both yourself and the tribe).
  • Re-architecting your life to (B) the flow you are meant to live.
  • Acquire, commit and set in motion practices for daily and future decision making for maximum contribution to yourself, family, career and the world.

The curriculum will also be partly co-created by the tribe. The group will hold a safe space for people to communicate and state their needs, empower one another and challenge their limitations.



  • One on one session to determine your individual curriculum goals and a plan of execution.
  • Tribe gathers in a secluded location
  • Six (6) Months of a virtual gathering bi-monthly
  • Individual touch point with Keele and/or Bronwyn bi-monthly
  • Final celebration gathering at a location chosen by the tribe



Our next session begins on November 8th at the amazing Boutique hotel, Verana, located into the cliffs of hippie-chic Yelapa Mexico.

VERANA, the handmade hotel:

How did I come to be on this hillside surrounded by jungle? It began with machetes. The land was cleared. I was meant to be just one house. But other structures followed. My growth was unplanned – a direction rather than an endpoint. I came from images and ideas. Like a dream recalled – the pieces became a whole. Light, time, space, color, weather, and the jungle all merged to help create me.
I am a place imagined and then found – One of the coolest boutique hotels Mexico has to offer.


“Under-the-Radar Boutique Hotels Mexico to Know: Built into the cliffs of hippie-chic Yelapa Mexico, VERANA is a luxury hotel with an eco-lodge heart.” – VOGUE

“With the jungle view resembling a heroic television screen permanently tuned to nature, the owners report a constant feeling of exhilaration.” – HOUSE BEAUTIFUL